Professional Services

Enable. Empower. Enjoy.

We understand that Franchisees need to focus on the day-to-day running of the business and that could mean other facets of the business are not given the expert attention they require.
Knowledge of and access to best practice and experience-based consulting across multiple sectors is often out of scope or budget.

We can help!

Our suite of affordable, accessible services offered by us and in partnership with a team of expert consultants, tailormade to your specific needs is the way forward!

We offer the following and so much more. Click one or more of these building blocks and let’s develop your success together!

It’s a win-win for both Franchisee and Franchisor – here’s why:

As a Franchisee

  • Minimises stress and effort in meeting the Franchisors requirements
  • Maximises profits from professional services and expertise per area
  • Streamlines processes and simplifies work
  • Benchmarks processes, practices, and experience
  • Finds the right solution to suit the trade area(s)

As the Franchisor

  • Enables standardised offers, and allow for best aligned representation in trade areas
  • Empowers Franchisees to offer an above average experience
  • Operational turnaround in underperforming areas
  • Empowers a change partner in your franchise journey

Got skills? Partner with us and become a TFE professional services partner!
Let’s talk!

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