Franchisee Recruitment

Optimal outcomes engaged

Existing Franchisee recruitment processes create unnecessary manual effort on the part of the Franchisor. They’re open to criticism of subjectivity, with selection and placement results frequently sub optimal.

TFE flips that on its head by using the best expertise in providing qualified placement opportunities to Franchisors. With end-to-end profiling and associated checks, we maximise the probability for success.

The scenario

A Franchisor uses TFE’s Franchisee Recruitment service and saves time, money and hassle.


Outsourcing reduces the need for committed recruitment staff. This frees them up to focus on critical revenue generating activities instead.
That’s just for starters.
TFE’s innovative technology decreases paperwork and automated majority of the placement process, which results in a higher probability of optimal placement success while removing placement bias through initial stages.

So how does it all work?


Contact us and we can tailor a solution to help transform your Franchisee recruitment.


Step 1: The Franchisor provides The Franchise Evolution a mandate
Step 2: Choose from options below to register your TFE profile and build eligibility

  • Tier 1: Member Mailing list (FREE)
  • Tier 2: As per Tier 1 plus vetting and screening (FEE)
  • Tier 3: As per Tier 2 plus psychometric assessments, access to funding (FEE).

We help existing Franchisees expand their portfolio of franchises based on their strengths!

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