Contract Deal Automation

Heads up Franchisee!
How do you know you are getting the best deal possible?

Look sharp Franchisor!
Are you missing out on growing your network to its maximum?

FiSh is the answer!

FiSh is our unique product. FiSh is an innovative, online deal management and tendering platform. FiSh is for both Franchisors and Franchisees. FiSh is fully flexible, and can be used from fuel retailing to workshops, from food to beauty franchises and much more. FiSh is:

  • A laser-focused approach to tendering that takes out all the ambiguity and unnecessary effort in the process
  • User-friendly, it automates the negotiation process
  • It enables effortless- and secure transacting via TFE’s platform.

Talk to us if you’d like to let FiSh manage the complexity of the process, saving you time, energy, effort, and getting you the best outcomes – every time!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The Franchisee registers on the web portal and loads the relevant information
Step 2: The Franchise Evolution engages the various Franchisors to participate on the web platform
Step 3: Franchisors bid competitively, through several rounds.
Step 4: The Franchisee then reviews the final bids received and makes the final decision to accept the successful Franchisor.

Yes! It’s that simple!

Here’s why FiSh works for you:


Make an informed decision based on:

  • A clearly laid out comparison of all the offers (Rands and Brands), with the power back in your hands
  • Standardisation of bid feedback from Franchisors on your specific, unique business needs
  • Peace of mind that you have left no money on the table.


Get opportunities to Franchisees that could be missed through normal methods

  • Access a wider range of Franchisee owned sites through an easy to use platform
  • Reduce costs in chasing down deals
  • Get a better understanding of your competitiveness to the rest of market in a trade area

Contact us today to find out how FiSh can (r)evolutionise re-tying your franchise supply agreement or growing your network.

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