Welcome to
the Franchise Evolution

Our unique, online deal management and tendering platform

Streamline existing Franchisee recruitment with cutting edge processes

Affordable, accessible services offering best practice, experience-based consulting

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Welcome to the evolution, The Franchise Evolution…

We’re an innovative franchise consulting start-up.
We’re all about taking the complex challenges that face the franchise industry and making them effortless.
It’s that simple.

So how do we do it?

Through meaningful, innovative business solutions.

The catalyst

We launched with the aim of giving each Franchisee equal opportunity in negotiating the best offer for their investment and optimising financial outcomes. We soon realised a comprehensive service offering for both Franchisee and Franchisor was the way forward, and The Franchise Evolution (TFE) was born.

We proudly specialise in contract or deal management, Franchisee recruitment and development, and a wide range of professional consulting services.

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic era called for change in the way businesses operate and we were poised to facilitate that change. Our holistic view of the Energy and Franchising industries provide significant solutions where they’re most needed, at an affordable rate.

Using our wealth of industry expertise throughout Africa and the world, we’re harnessing the power of digital transformation to disrupt the status quo with great effect!

Let us show you how.

“Disruptive innovation can hurt, if you’re not the one doing the disrupting.”

Clay Christensen

Membership Types
Sign up now as a....
per year

Included in the membership fee:

  • • Access to our secure online trading platform
  • • Create an online tender for your site tailored to your needs*
    *additional fees apply upon award
  • • Configure settings for the online tender and Activate for competitive bidding
  • • Monitor competitive bids from franchisors
  • • Evaluate and award the tender to the successful franchisor/bidder

Make an informed decision based on:

  • • A clearly laid out comparison of all the offers (Rands and Brands), with the power back in your hands
  • • Standardisation of bid feedback from Franchisors on your specific, unique business needs
  • • Peace of mind that you have left no money on the table.
per year

Included in the membership fee:

  • • Access our secure online trading platform
  • • Setup your franchisor profile and particulars to your franchise offering
  • • Access available online tenders by geographic area and preference
  • • Provide maximum of 2 bids per online tender
  • • Daily updates on bid position
  • • Ability to update and refresh bids based on feedback


Get opportunities to new franchisees:

  • • Access a wider range of Franchisee owned sites through an easy to use platform
  • • Reduce costs in chasing down deals
  • • Get a better understanding of your competitiveness to the rest of market in a trade area
Accelerating franchise success beyond business

Let’s talk about what we can do for you…

Franchisee Recruitment

Streamlines existing Franchisee recruitment with cutting edge processes.

  • Provides qualified placement opportunities to Franchisors
  • End to end profiling and checks
  • Maximises the probability for success
  • Reduces unnecessary manual effort.
FiSh – Contract Deal Automation

Our unique, online deal management and tendering platform.

  • User-friendly
  • Franchisees get the best possible deals
  • Franchisors grow your network
  • Simplifies the tender process
  • Automates the negotiation process
  • Flexible (not industry specific).
Professional Services

A suite of affordable, accessible services offering best practice, experience-based consulting.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Business coaching
  • Merchandising
  • Design/Creative
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Wellness programmes
  • Pricing optimisation
  • Cleaning & sanitisation
  • Access controls & monitoring
  • And more…

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